Cruising Canaries

Cruising to the Canaries  May.  2010

Leaving Southampton. The first in a queue of three. Behind - Eclipse and Oriana

This was not a place I had ever thought to visit, having visions of myriads of Brits drinking masses of booze and generally turning these islands into outposts of the package holiday empire.  But in the event , it turned out to be quite beyond my expectations. . After so many years staying in one spot, except for a couple of brief trips to UK and Las Vegas, it was thrilling to experience a properly different culture once again.  I was quite dizzy with excitement as we docked and found it immensely gratifying to discover that the old thrill was still there, all these years on.  I had forgotten how  exhilarating it could be
(How sad is that?)

Our first port-of-call - Vigo

Our ports of call were Vigo in Spain and Lisbon in Portugal. In the Canaries we were to visit Teneriffe, Las Palmas, Santa Cruz and Madeira.  Once I had crushed the lingering guilt of the once intrepid traveller at not religiously seeking out EVERYTHING in each port, I really had a ball and comforted myself with the fact that there was always another day. (Maybe.)

When I voiced my anguish at missing certain “must-sees”, I was told sternly by friends and fellow passengers, that when cruising, the ship and the trip is the thing and to “get over it”.  I am so harshly treated!

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