Of Weather and Fireworks

Winter is on its way for sure……….          Nov. 2010

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the wonderful weather we have had so far has broken at last and there is now a distinct autumnal feel in the air. Last night we attended a fire-works display for Guy  Fawkes and the air was quite nippy with all of us wearing woolly scarves and gloves and wishing we had a flask of some-thing warm to sip on. The fire-works were wonderful and we  were extra lucky as we could see at least 3 other great displays from the field in which we were standing. These were all “small” local shows and were just amazing. Ours raised money for the “Heroes” i.e. the wounded soldiers home from the war. This is a very powerful charity here now, and there are many fund-raisers being held on their behalf. So—for us it meant lots of stirring marching music (The Dam-busters) and heaps of red, white and blue fire-works. Very evocative. Our little nieces and nephew loved it and were treated to very super-duper light sabres and/or butterfly wands depending on their gender. These flashed like mad and should definitely been issued with a safety warning!!

The other big event on the horizon right now, is of course, Christmas. Already everyone is in the throes of preparation, choosing presents, arranging Christmas and New Year activities and altogether getting into the swing of things. I think it is the weather that prompts the action. It is a wonderful distraction from the on-coming cold with dark mornings and lack of light in the evenings. Already we aim to be home after a day out by 4 o’clock and it will get even worse of course. Thank God that the freezing conditions in most English public buildings, at least, no longer apply. At home we are lucky too. No more shivering in bed in the middle of the night, reluctant to get up for a pee in case your butt freezes and your toes fall off-before you get back under the covers! How times have changed!


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