Malls, Markets and Posh Places

Bluewater-once the largest mall in Europe. Now superseded, however.

Shopping here is fantastic and as at home, it seems to be a national pastime. The recreational activity of choice.

Getting almost $2 to the pound has been great for us and we have enjoyed days out in the superb modern shopping centres and in the old markets and classic shopping streets of London.

Shopping in Camden Passage

The selection of goods is vast, reflecting the huge market that is on hand. The organisers of  myriads of charity shops must be on cloud nine! Marks and Spencers are middle-aged heaven, stocking gazillions of really wearable and affordable clothing for all sizes and shapes and events. The ranges change completely around every six weeks it seems to me and I have become totally addicted.

Across the road from Claridges Main Entrance

Definitely one of the things I will miss when I get back home.

Oh – the image featured at the top of the page was shot in Portobello Road Market in London. This second-hand silver-ware shop was just bulging with stock, so much that it was difficult to enter the door.  There was just a curtain of silver hanging from the roof-line to the pavement. ‘Absolutely fabulous!’ to coin a phrase.


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