Friends in New Zealand persuaded us to give cruising a try and we are forever in

The Queen Victoria

their debt (along with the shipping company’s!) We found it a wonderful way to have a holiday without any pressures or worries – absolutely nothing to do except follow instructions and “go with the flow”.  The trick is to travel with a company that demonstrates first-class organisational abilities of course, and luckily, we did.

When we first arrived in England in April, we knew that my sister and a friend were booked on the Queen Victoria, (Cunard) cruising for 12 days down to the Canary Islands. My sister had previously asked if we would like to join them, but we had refused, not really knowing what it was all about and not really identifying the Canaries as a priority destination.

The Atrium and the Grand Staircase

Family convinced us that a cruise was what we really needed to kick off our year of travel with a bang!  We had recently arrived from Dubai, where we had been caught up for a week in the fiasco known as “The Volcano in Iceland” and actually, we felt that our Bang! had already happened!   The persuasive arguments of a variety of nieces and nephews prevailed, however and because it was so near to the departure date, we were lucky enough to get really good prices on an inside cabin.  We were then promptly up-graded to a outside one! The rush was on—had to buy some dresses, of which I had none and Maurice had to have a dinner suit. Thank the Lord for M and S. Fourteen nights of dressingfor dinner nearly finished me.

Drinks all round!

The Cunard Line is very “English”, elegant and formal with everything absolutely impeccable and so well organized you can see the influence of the British Navy, for sure. The staff and crew are amazing – many have been with the company for decades and all speak highly of their employers.  They are so thoughtful and always ready to “go the extra mile”.   It was some experience, I can tell you, rather like a fairy tale –  only to be taken in small doses, but extremely enjoyable for all that!

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