The Spring is Sprung

Daffodils in bud
Daffodils in bud

Dare I hazard that Spring is quietly creeping around the place, sneaking a look at what she can expect if she makes a commitment to actually arriving? Friends say I am mad, that we could still suffer a rapid drop in temperatures with attendant snow, wind and rain – let alone the dreaded BLACK ICE! I, however, favour the more optimistic version and point in the direction of the daffodils that have actually been in bud for a couple of weeks now and which are forging ahead in the otherwise naked gardens.

White japonica with spring growth
White japonica with spring growth

And yesterday I caught a glimpse of snow-drops as I walked past a house with a ‘green’ garden. That is, one planted with small buxus hedges, well-trimmed ever-green shrubs, palms and topiary. There was  a simple, winding gravel path leading eventually to the front door, each curve giving access to the plants situated further back in the beds and all enclosed in beautifully trimmed leafy hedges about 4 ft high. I love gardens that look like this – so controlled.  (or is it ‘contained’?)This garden was tiny by most standards, but it was loaded with impact, purely because of that control (containment) and because of the obvious care that had gone into its design and maintenance. Various shades of green played the part of absent colours, providing the dynamics of contrast – of light and shade, of cool and warm and of rough and smooth. The snow-drops added the final touch.

Japonica with spring growth
Japonica with spring growth

Around us, though, new buds are popping all over the place and it was fun freezing my hands off taking photos of a few of them.

The lake is also looking pretty damn good and I am adding three pics showing how different it is without the 5 shades of grey. (see my blog: Winter- The Final Frontier).This is for Lloyd.

The Canada Geese are back.
The Canada Geese are back.

The Canada Geese are starting to come back, just to upset me. I spotted a pair yesterday, grubbing around in the grass at the edge of the lake.  Noisy, dirty and aggressive  individuals they are, too. When the weather gets better and they all arrive to nest we will be greeted by bird s##t all over the paths and roads and appalling noise every morning as the sun rises. I am sorry to say, that once the fluffy stage is over, there is little to recommend these honkers except perhaps the part they played in the Saatchi and Saatchi ads persuading us all to ‘work as a team’. (Talk about social engineering!  And they do look very elegant when flying in formation as long as they keep their beaks shut!

Finally – because I was a bit of a slouch and did not post this when I wrote it, I have indeed been beaten by the snow!  It arrived this morning – light and fluffy and not too difficult to contend with.  Just as well too, as today, we picked up my new car!

And finally, finally, a few lines that I first read over 50 years ago and which I have cherished and chuckled over ever since.

The spring is sprung,

The grass is riz,

I wonder where dem boidies is?

The little boids is on the wing.

Why, dat’s absoid –

The little wings is on the boid!


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