Snow Days

White 'blossom' now.
My pink ‘winter blossom’ is white now.

Congratulating myself now, upon not having  bought my worms yet. This time, my procrastination has worked in my favour and that of the worms, I guess.  If you follow my other blog,,  you will know that a kilo or so of ‘red wrigglers’ is about to enter my life, inhabiting my new worm farm.  The little dears are probably quietly winding around each other, still warm in the worm nursery, enjoying a mass orgy.  This means that I will not be going outside and finding a communal  grave in my yet- to- be- installed worm farm. Thank heaven for that – it would have been too devastating.

The drifting flakes are falling constantly now and the typical snowy hush has descended upon us. It is a Sunday, so traffic is almost non-existent and apart from neighbours introducing children and pets to the joy of playing in the snow, there is nothing much happening.

Poor Ponga
Poor Ponga

The cabbage trees across the road and the tree ferns in pots are bearing huge loads of the white stuff, their green blades bending under their unwanted and un-asked-for burden,  poor things. They are surely craving the warm sun and rain of home now, hating the freezing blast that is paralysing them and which will, eventually,  turn them brown and rotten.

The local ever-greens,  still showing signs of life, are bending too, sharing the load with their foreign neighbours, but with their tough leaves handling the strain far more successfully.


The lakes are not frozen yet, but should the temperatures nudge down a bit,  that ice will creep over the surface of the grey, grey, water shutting out the few birds that are still in evidence and sending the fish into a state of drifting coma. To me – it’s a miracle that anything survives at all. Bread moistened and tossed out onto the lawn, is ignored by the few birds that fly overhead. Not like NZ, where it would have been snapped up in an instant. So much to learn! I guess I will have to buy a proper bird feeder and buy seeds and stuff.

At the supermarket.Tomorrow we will have to go out to get some food. Our car does not like the snow, so we will probably walk. Not too far, thank goodness, and the outing will stimulate us – get the blood running again.  I wish I could get interested in walking round the lake!


2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Winter wonderland, kind of magical the way vegetation and critters adapt to these climate changes. Would you consider updating the same photos as the seasons change? Would love to see the transformation.

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