I wrote this on the day the packers came – the 21st of February and have only now got to post it.  I am a less than dedicated blogger at the moment, but am hoping to improve now that I am settled.

So – here it is.

The packers are here and the house is full of the sounds of ripping tape, a peculiar scratching howl that  penetrates the quiet of our home in a most unsettling manner. It goes on and on and on,unremittingly…….

Now is the crunch-time and there are still last-minute discussions about a few items that have not sold on Trademe.  We have agreed to take the single bed and the big bookcase and we will leave the decision on the huge chair that belongs to our suite till the last minute.

Jordan and Logan, our two stalwart packers arrived and introduced themselves early. Such good manners and their aura of efficiency and confidence made a great first impression – enhanced by the fact that Jordan was able to bring the lorry right to our front door!  This has never happened before.  We live down a narrow right-of-way with a nasty dog-leg into our parking area.  Usually removal trucks back up as far as they can and stay there, blocking all traffic in and out.  The men then have to climb all the way over the cab of the truck to get to the house.  OSH would be having panic attacks!

Goods are then carried from the house to the truck, or vice-versa, while everyone prays that it will not rain. The funniest one (sort of) was the driver who trapped himself in the cab and had to stay there while our neighbours (who share our drive) unloaded their furniture.  The funny bit was Maurice and  friend  having to sit  out on the road for half an hour, unable to get in with the fresh breakfast they had gone to buy for our garage sale helpers. The not so funny bit was the fact that all the customers for the garage sale couldn’t get up the drive, so went away without even a peek at our sale.  Grrrrr.

It is six in the evening, and we are exhausted.  At five o’clock, reinforcements  arrived from the packing company to help and things have started to move a little more quickly.  Chief packer Jordan, assures us they will be out by eight, so we decide to book seats for the cinema and just forget the whole mess.

It is seven thirty and we are still surrounded by packing materials. We think, “to hell with it”, give Jordan a key,  and disappear. The movie followed by a burger with kumara chips are just what we need to undo the knots!

When we got home at 10.30 they had gone and we entered a ghost house,  just a few remnants of furniture (the large chair, I am pleased to say) a huge paella dish and two antique oil-paintings left behind by accident.

I swear – NEVER AGAIN!


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