Packing – Who Needs It?

Garage sale preparations (shudder!)

Now we are struggling with the heart-break of packing and deciding what goes and what stays.  Have you ever done this?  I guess most of us go through it at one stage or another and that it gets worse as we get older and accumulate not only our own memories, but those of our children who no longer live under the same roof.  Moving overseas increases the anguish – we can no longer say, “put it in the lock-up”, or, “they (adult kids) can take them when they move back to set up a home”.  The constant tussle between need and want.  Do we need the twenty five or so school magazines, dating back to 1957 and up to 1998? NO!  Do we want them?  Do we ever look at them? NO!……but……..they are memories……… they are valuable(?) records of the past………… we may want to refer to them some day……..they are part of our story………..

Three sets of University notes, essays, choreography notes, pictures of bones, portfolios of drawings, photographic boards, text books  – the list is infinite.  Yesterday, we had a Skype connection with our daughter in London.  She wept as she decided which favourite bears we should fit in and what she should do with a carton of greetings cards, amassed over 30 years of living.


Music, from my piano days, Rachael’s flute lessons , my double-bass primer. Theory lessons from 1957. Books and notes from when I taught. The complete score of the Messiah from college days.  The Mikado, a gift from my father, again in 1957.  (Family and friends, slightly tipsy, each took a part and sang lustily, usually out of tune, except for my mother and her mother.  Now they are all gone.)  Do we need these old, brown, sheets of notation  –  Chopin, Bach, et al? No!  Do we want them?  Well -some.  I have binned about two thirds and have kept the rest against the day I finally get an electric piano.  Today, I have finally sold my real piano, after 25 years of ownership.  Never really been keen on the new sort,  but in a small house…………

Friends - time to say, "Goodbye"

Not even thinking about the books…………..

Please advise!


9 thoughts on “Packing – Who Needs It?

    1. Are you sure you want to come – it all seems too much, but as you say you will put them in the loft and not see them again if you bring them. Be strong.

  1. As I said to your daughter last night (and SO much easier said than done): remember that you’ve got your family, health and happiness which in the end are actually what really matter. Materials come and go.

  2. We do tend to collect a whole bunch of crap and for various reasons. I guess the worse being the “round to it” syndrome and the best being some memento that brings back a memory of a special place or moment. Parting with you’re piano must surly have been difficult. If I close my eyes, even after 44 years I can still see you behind that school piano filling the room and 43 hearts with music.
    What a trip that was.

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