Wild Weather

Today, our beautiful holiday weather hid behind looming, steel-grey, clouds.

We sat out on the deck this morning and watched the canal – smooth like glass, the limpid water a deep, greenish grey, almost reflective. The tide was high, although not quite as high as the King Tide we had experienced a couple of days before.  A couple of small boats puttered past, bearing lethargic fishermen trolling for who-knows-what, barely bothering to look where they were going.

A shoal of small fish, each about 10 inches long, seemingly transparent with a black-trimmed tail, enjoyed a meal in the water beside us, flicking off when they had exhausted whatever succulent morsels they had found.

The breeze we had enjoyed died away, leaving us in a sultry heat, silent, damp and sticky.

This afternoon, the rain came.  Huge drops crashing against the windows, picked up by flurries of a new  wind and hurled willy-nilly to saturate any unfortunate who was caught out in the open.

Down on the beach, a couple of dogs and their owners ran wild, as the water heaved up over the rocks. Silver spray filled the air,  hiding the sandy beach and the headlands, leaving only the iron silhouettes of sky-scrapers and apartment blocks to show that we were not alone in this place.

The Silver Coast

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