Australia for Christmas

I am sitting at Auckland Airport, gritting my teeth and cursing my own stupidity.  We purchased Christmas presents to take to Australia and have just donated a couple of them to the security services because they were liquid – two large bottles of gourmet chocolate sauce, one dark and one white.  I thought I would put them in my hand luggage to protect against breakage. Ha! I cannot believe that I did that.

Never mind, we have now bought 2 bottles of Moet and a bottle of Sapphire gin, so that should help me to numb the pain.

Manukau Harbour at Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport is looking good.  We spent the night at the Novatel as our flight was at seven a.m.  We drove over last night, had a leisurely, if rather overly-expensive dinner and went to bed, already feeling as though we were on holiday.  This morning, rose at 4.15 a.m.  it was wonderful just having to wander across to the terminal, use the automatic book-in and walk straight through immigration control. We found that actually, the whole exercise was totally unnecessary, as Air NZ had changed our flight without any notification and we are now to leave two hours after our scheduled time.

I like this airport.  It is smallish and friendly and although the food in the cafes is not so good, at least the coffee isn’t bad and there are comfy chairs to chill in and shops to browse.  I love the check-in board that has flights rated as ‘boarding’ ‘called’ and ‘relax’.  Haven’t seen that before, but it makes me chuckle.

Plenty of people travelling, I guess doing just as we are – joining friends and family for Christmas.  We are off to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast and staying with family in Palm Beach.  We are looking forward to blue skies and hot weather – escaping from the dreary wet and cold weather in NZ, I hate to say.  Summer seems to get later and later each year.

Off to the gate, now.  Will soon be air-borne.  Can’t wait!!

Forgot to mention that we have just had confirmation that the sale of our house has gone through and we are now unconditional.  The original bank refused to lend the money to our prospective buyers, so they went elsewhere and were granted a loan immediately.  Just what is that about??  Ours was the third house they had refused to lend money on and our poor buyers were distraught.  We would have been too, had we known what was going on.

Anyway, all is well and we can relax and enjoy our time in Australia, saying farewell to our Australian cousins.


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