Diana and Tiffany gave me a bunch of peonies when they came to stay.  I have to say that they gave us more pleasure than almost any other flowers we have received.  Not only were they things of beauty, they provided us with on-going entertainment, as the buds opened, matured and eventually died. It was too entrancing a sight to forget, so I took photos of every stage, and here they are.

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When they were new, the buds were a lush, unbelievable pink, shiny and tightly furled.  Then, they began to open and the changes were fast  even for the flower world.  Each time we saw them, there were obvious developments in shape and, more particularly, in colour.  The lush pink gradually softened and grew paler, leaving the softer pink streaked with fine crimson threads and with tones of peach.  By the end, the flowers were actually a creamy yellow, with the texture of fine, dry skin.

One of the more beautiful experiences in life.  Thank you Diana and Tiffany.


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