No Progress on the House

OMG.  If I was grey this morning, I am white this afternoon.

Open Home's Off, Luv!

The week progressed slowly, with the new purchasers signing a conditional agreement to buy.  All went well.  The open home was cancelled.  Their builder gave the verandah the OK, they paid the deposit and last night they came and we discussed all the final details. Lovely people and they love the house so we were very happy.


Just had a call from the EA.  The purchasers’  bank sent a valuer this morning.  Coincidentally, he valued the house for us when we bought it!  No problem though and he gave us a good and fair report (at least he said so).

Now, the bank wants further reports on the design of the house before it will cough up the money. I am devastated, especially as M spent a couple of hours this afternoon at the travel agents checking on fares to the UK in March!

Now we have to sweat it out again.  We were supposed to go unconditional today, but now, who knows?


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