Progress on the House

Our house is for sale!

I can hardly believe it, but it looks like we just may have sold the house.  In the week it has been on the market, we have had a few couples through.  Mostly, they were fairly non-committal about things, but a couple, who came through last Friday put in an offer.  It was too low, but we counter-offered and they accepted, conditional on their builder checking out a couple of issues they felt were important.

Of course, it was the balcony  which we had had repaired before we went off to the UK last year and which has been fine ever since, but with this ‘leaky home’ business, everyone is on hot bricks and all bases have to be covered.  Anyway, it  has no down-pipe and is really too small to need one, but they felt it should have one.  Grrrrrrr!  Of course, they would have to come when the rain was barrelling down and there was water everywhere!  On a sunny day they would not even have noticed it!

Can only wait and see, but the suspense is killing me.  I am amazed at how defensive I am about the whole issue.  It is almost as though someone has criticized a member of the family! Silly, when I know that everything is OK and that we passed all tests with flying colours!


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