Still selling the House.

Well – the building inspector has been and gone and we have received his report.  He certainly gave the house a good going over, visual inspection, up in the roof, poking and prodding and photographing everything as he went.  Finally, he took thermal images in each room to show if there was any moisture internally.

Now we have his report, and all is well.  No signs of leaks, everything is dry and just a couple of minor recommendations.  I am so thankful and now we can sell the house without having to spend any outrageous sums of money.

So, on the market she goes.

Our EA has recommended that we go to auction, although it will be a  bit of a rush with Christmas so near. She likes 3 weeks publicity and 3 weekends of open homes before sale day. Already we are behind the 8-ball on that, but we shall see.

Enough to have had a good building report and to be able to rest easy there, at least.


3 thoughts on “Still selling the House.

  1. Another step closer to departure. Although I’m truly happy for you, I’m sorry but my selfish feelings don’t want to see you go.

  2. We will climb the hill to the Parthenon together! What a story- You got that right. Yes let’s do it, let’s plan it and make it happen. NZ late winter of 2013?Almost as good as a trip to the Kawerau fire station.

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