Alone At Last

At The Tasting Shed

Well, the visitors have all gone and left us (they think) to our quiet lives once again.  It was wonderful having our son,  Simon, home from London for a couple of weeks.  As usual,  it all just went too fast and it seemed that no sooner had he arrived, he had gone, back to Blackheath and Canary Wharf and work, work, work.

Two days later, we welcomed my cousin’s daughter from Australia.  She and Simon are good friends, like brother and sister and, as she enjoys a peripatetic life-style also, they often meet from time to time, mainly in London.  She is applying for a job in Shanghai at the moment, and was anxiously awaiting a call from a prospective employer.  Time differences can be nerve-wracking when dealing with other cultures and languages and important things like interviews!

At The Tasting Shed again, this time with Louise.

I love the way people today look upon the whole planet as a source of employment and act accordingly.  Louise has held down great jobs in London, Qatar and Abu Dhabi and is already totally enthusiastic about her chances in China.  Years ago, we tended to go for jobs in bars and nannying, to support us when we were travelling.  A far cry from today, where global “career opportunities”  and “strategic planning” hold  sway over  the working lives of  so many of the younger population.  We will be joining Louise and her family for Christmas in Australia and are looking forward to that, since our own family will be in the UK.

The day after Louise left us, we welcomed Diana and Tiffany, her daughter.  Tiffany is off on her travels next week.  Up to London to seek her fortune – the next generation.   We will see her when we go there next year.

Mangonui Harbour. The view from the front door of Diana's shop.

Diana is the gorgeous proprietor of Mangonui Stationery and Lotto.

Mangonui main street

Do you know Mangonui?  It is small town situated on the East Coast right up in the North of New Zealand. It is an idyllic spot, world famous in New Zealand for its Fish and Chip shop and now, since my friend Diana purchased it, for the best village Stationery and Lotto Shop in the country.

This award was granted by the Mosstravel Awards for Stationery and Lotto Shops Committee and reflects the hard work and long hours of labour that Diana and her friendly team have lavished on this corner of paradise. (That has got to be worth a drink, Diana!)

So – they left this morning and now, this afternoon, the Estate Agent is coming to take a look at the house and to discuss the eventual sale of same.

OMG.  Things are beginning to happen!

In the meantime, here are a few snapshots mainly of Northland, but one of London. Spot the difference??


2 thoughts on “Alone At Last

  1. Well we were honoured by your hospitality again thank you both:) Tiffany is already calling you her london parents – Yes we do live in a fabulous place but we were trying to keep it a secret.

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