Up-date on The Business!

Well, it is some time since I posted my first blog and talked about my venture into affiliate marketing and I have certainly sprouted a few more grey hairs since then!  I suppose I should be grateful that I still have hair to sprout!

Thank God for The Library.  It has been wonderful as  I am old enough to still be wedded to reading from the printed page.  I love the feeling of discovery, when the eye alights on a certain heading, or chapter and suddenly realization dawns, “Oh……..I didn’t know that was possible!” or, “Oh….that’s how it is done!”

Accessing on-line advice often depends on your knowing the right question to ask and knowing, broadly, that the answer is available somewhere. It is not just a matter of careful and consistent reading through the instructions, as it is with a book.  Most frustrating is the awareness that if you do not know that a certain application has a certain function, you can sail blissfully on, totally unaware that you are missing out.  But, if you do not know the question, how can you ask it?  And even if you do manage to ask it, a change or misplacement  in the wording may well skew the result and again, you miss the information you need.  All the time, there is fabulous knowledge going to waste on-line, because your own ignorance prevents you from discovering it.  So….Bless you “HTML for Dummies”, and “50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Web-site” and “Face-book Me”.

(I hope you understand all of the above, because I feel as though I may be fighting a losing battle there!)

Since you ask – and even if you do not -yes – I am still a bit of a ’10-click wonder’, but I am pleased to say that the clicks are moving into other, somewhat less obvious areas, as my understanding grows.

Unfortunately, I have almost run out of credit with the company whose training programme I purchased.  Although I still have access to a help desk, I think that the people manning it have reached the outward limit of their knowledge along with me, as they can no longer answer my questions.  I am constantly being referred to Google.  I am curious, though. I bought the cheapest package.  If I had bought the most expensive one, would I have still been referred to Google, or would their tutors’ knowledge suddenly have blossomed?

The million dollar question.  Am I making any money?  Answer.  No.  Not a cent.  I have actually managed to numb my mind as regards the cash I have handed over  and I am being totally philosophical about it.  I am, after all as a ‘friend’ pointed out “in my twilight years” and “very brave” , so I am remembering that there is more to life than money and that I have made other, less tangible, but no less important,  gains from this whole exercise. ( Choke.)

I have, actually had a few words with one of the company’s principals, but really to no avail. He did not see that course assessment, or critique had any place in the learning environment whatsoever and I got a definite feeling that he thought I really needed just a good old pat on the head and a lot of the fast talking, at which all their employees excel.  In fact, to get a hearing at all, it is necessary to talk over them and say something like, “Stop talking now and listen to me,” in a very stern voice at least 3 times.  Then, if you are lucky, you will get a turn and they will not try to sell you an up-grade which they imply will solve your problems.

In truth, though, I shouldn’t be such a G.O.W.*  I have actually acquired a whole new interest and a new world to explore, with new friends to make.  Being retired, I am lucky enough to be able to take all day to do it in, should I wish,  and  if I ever do make money, it will be a joyfully received bonus and I will be suitably grateful.  In the meantime I will just love looking after my 3 web-sites and if I ever get them under control, I may even start  another one.

* Grumpy Old Woman.  The title of a British TV programme in which wonderful women of indeterminate age talked about things that upset them. There was also a male version, G.O.M. Grumpy Old Men, which was just as amusing.


One thought on “Up-date on The Business!

  1. Grumpy old woman indeed- lol…. Nothings changed in the last 44 years them.

    “Oh……..I didn’t know that was possible!” or, “Oh….that’s how it is done!”
    How very true…..Shoot me the day I stop dreaming and learning.

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