My Garden is Almost Done!

Whoop-de-doo!  My garden is ‘finished’.

No….I do not mean that. The first stage is done. In truth, this garden has just been born,  and with luck,  it will give some lucky  bum  many hours of gentle pleasure  while they bring it to maturity.  Note well  –  this without the back-breaking labour that was entailed with its inception. Almost, dare I say, like adoption! a gift from the small Gods of gardening, indeed!  (Note black stains on timber. M. will be removing that in due course!)

Ross, the landscaping gardener who did all the tough stuff was fantastic and we are eternally grateful to him. He and I had a wonderful trip to the nursery to buy the plants in his ute, (utility vehicle  for you in the Northern H.).  It has little or no suspension and we jigged and jogged along the country roads in fine style.  He was quite reluctant to take it and wanted to go in my car.  I think he thought I was too old to stand the bumping!  And he had to clean out the small machines and sacks of ‘whatever’ from the  front seat to fit me in!  Here he is at the nursery, sussing out our choices.

Ross, our Landscape Gardener.

 Spring is ruling now and of course it is far more obvious in the country.  In our neighbourhood we have mainly evergreen trees and the impact of the few newly leafy trees is somewhat lost.  In the countryside around us, however, the fresh greens on the deciduous trees were stunning, some almost poisonous in their intensity. We passed the biggest house in New Zealand on the way. Should I be excited?  Nah…………

Ross and the Palm Guy. Deal complete!

The palms, we bought from Benny who was moving his business to another site.  He was ready to deal in order to dramatically reduce stock before the move.  Giant palms are not the easiest things to pack and send!   Ross knew him from previous dealings, so was able to screw the best out of him without doing him down.

In the strangest places...........'The ute and the espresso'

On the way home, we stopped for refreshment. In NZ, there is always a cup of espresso somewhere by!




So – now all the plants have been collected and planted.  I have reserved a small space for some herbs and lettuces to keep us going while we are still here –  at least I can pretend a little!  And now we have to face up to the future big time!

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One thought on “My Garden is Almost Done!

  1. Oh just asked for photos and like magic here they are – it looks lovely and hopefully will have the desired affect or is it effect – come on M get those black stains removed asap. Love H

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