Diwali Festival

Aotea Square, Auckland

Well, I have been a bit busy this week, setting up my other blog, mosskitchen.wordpress.com  This is to complement my site mosskitchen.com which is really just my little ‘shop’.  I truly cannot resist!  Anyway, feel free to visit those sites, too. I would love to hear what you think of them.

Now to business!

Yesterday we went into the city to take part in the Indian Food and Culture Festival  held in Aotea Square, as part of the celebration of Diwali.  It was fun, with lots of food stalls and entertainment  all served up by friendly people with a great sense of humour and enthusiasm.  They were keen to share their enjoyment with all, which always makes for great day and we had lots of laughs as we visited each stall and tasted as much as we could. Of course, because it was a festival occasion there was no meat, so I was “forced” to eat the deep-fried samosas stuffed with peas and potato and all the other greasy delights that pop out of that hot oil!

Gold is the new black!
Along with the food and craft stalls, there was non-stop entertainment which included a parade of beautiful models in fabulous saris and a kind of opera, where all the participants sang in exceptionally mellifluous tones.  It was very dramatic, but it was the golden splendour of their costumes that was so mind-boggling.  Very up-front  –  discreet subtlety definitely not an option.
No copying please, I promised!
There were a couple of stalls selling imported jewellery from India and the offerings seemed to be very popular.  I had to promise solemnly that I would not copy the designs if I were allowed to take a photo, so I did promise faithfully that I would not!

At the end of the day, we agreed that the great attitude of the people manning the stalls and just making up the crowd was what made it so great.  Everyone welcomed us when we started to chat to them and their smiles and good cheer laid the foundations of a cracking good time. Here are a few of the smiling people we met and had a laugh with.



2 thoughts on “Diwali Festival

  1. Great to read all about your comings and goings I remember the johny boys growing around the letter box and the wonderful bed of can’t remember outside the kitchen window and the arch through to the next door neighbors I could go on and on oh and the ckocko and asparagus – stop now

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