Booked tickets to Australia for Christmas.  We will be staying with family on the Gold Coast and then taking the opportunity to travel North to the Sunshine Coast to catch up with other family members. Our cousins in Australia are all from the Cramer-Roberts side of the family and all trickled over the ditch from from the Bay of Plenty, where the NZ Cramer-Roberts originally settled when they came here from Ireland.  When we move to England, there will be only one cousin with her children and grandchildren left here from our twig of the family.  When we were children, a family picnic was a huge event. (There were 9 children in our grandparents generation.)  Now, you’d be lucky to raise a table for two.

So – we will go to Australia and say goodbye to them all and issue invitations to them to visit us in Kent.  They  will, too, as  our family are all avid travellers and we will have opportunities for huge family picnics in England, instead.

Broadly speaking, it’s taken just over a hundred years to turn everything around and put everything (sort of) back to where it was.


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