So, you thought you had retired?

I dream about it!

Ha! In my dreams!  Eventually, the need for a fresh challenge and  for a few more dollars in the bank to help with a travelling life-style, led me to answer a very optimistic-sounding ad that kept popping up all over the side-bar on my computer. It promised $85 dollars an hour for anyone who could type. Part-time only. On some ads, it was $95! Well – what would you do?  Money for jam, I thought, fairly sure that it may be a bit dodgy, but probably not illegal.

After a few phone calls and a bit of fast talking from a very sales-oriented young man on the other end of the phone, I have ended up with my own domain ( and the beginning of a business as an affiliate marketer. I am developing a “deep” connection with Amazon and under-going a series of tutorials on developing my own web-site business. God help me!!  It is certainly not going to be the breeze it first appeared to be.  I am on a huge learning curve encompassing HTML, SEO, Key Words, and a plethora of other strange terms that up till now I have existed without quite happily. My tutors are a series of Americans, male and female, but not both at once! They are  unseen, of course,and tend to have impatient voices and “can-do” attitudes. That is, all excepting my present one who after several sessions now finds time for the niceties of life.  We take the time to ask each other “how are you?” and ” how did the weekend go?”  Makes for a much sweeter experience I can tell you!


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