What on Earth Do I Think I Am Doing? HELP!!!

Duckhurst Farm in April

This is my first attempt at a blog and my computer skills are truly basic.  I have no idea what I am going to do with this site once I have written this intro, but I know that I have to start somewhere, so here goes.

Maurice and I have decided to move to England.  Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it?  We did it on a temporary basis in April 2010, just over a year ago and we loved it. Now we are at home in NZ, just marking time until we can sell our house and leave once again. There are other reasons, of course. We were both born in the UK, our children live there and my sister and M’s brother live there. We have no family left here and much as we love our friends, we really enjoyed the family thing while we were away.  I had forgotten, too, the intense connection I had developed with the country when I lived there in the sixties and seventies and this connection blossomed once again as it had not when I returned more recently for short holidays usually connected to family occasions.

So – the decision has been made and now it has been committed to paper – or the modern equivalent. I hope you will enjoy hearing of our adventure!


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